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Kiffany Dugger

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Twisted Truth

A Family Affair… Almost two years after tracking down and murdering the men that destroyed her family, Seth St. James is finally able to pick up the pieces of her broken life. Enjoying motherhood and wedded bliss, Seth’s husband Alex …

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The Green Eyed Butterfly

Writing is like my heartbeat, it gives me life and keeps my blood flowing!

Kiffany Dugger

Author - Speaker


Kiffany Dugger


If I had to provide a cookie-cutter description of myself, I’d tell you that I’m an Author of two awesome page-turners. I’m an entrepreneur, a blogger and writer. Now that we have all the formal rigmarole out of the way, at my core, I’m really just a girl from Detroit by way of Mississippi that loves to write fiction that entertains and non-fiction that inspires people to change the way they see themselves. I guess you can say I’m a little bit country and little bit heart and soul.

I love sweet tea, a comfortable pair of jeans, stilettos, a to-die-for handbag and anything or anyone made in Mississippi! I believe in living life authentically and being the best possible version of me that I can be. Most of all, I’m happy to share my authentic interest, thoughts and ideas with you!

I am passionate about helping people sift through their emotional trashcan and throw out those things that clutter our lives, keeping us from seeing ourselves as God sees us; fearfully and wonderfully made. This is not just something that I haphazardly talk about, but I too have lived beneath a trash heap covered by insecurity, hurt, pain, shame and unforgiveness that kept me from seeing who I am authentically. Once I was cleaned out my emotional trashcan, I was able to change the way I saw myself and live without limits and enjoy an authentic lifestyle. For me living without limits means that I believe that my beauty comes from within. Can’t is not in my vocabulary and I accept nothing less than extraordinary, my faith is unyielding, my strength comes from knowing that God is everything, I am beautiful, I am sexy, I am independent, I am confident, I might bend, but I will not break. I am a super woman, and I have the power to change the way I see myself.


Change the Way You See Yourself

Learning How to Empty Your Emotional Trashcan


Coming Soon!

change_printRecycle your trash into a testimony!

Are you running on empty, feeling like you have nothing left? Do you feel like you are sitting at the bottom of a barrel, weighed down by the burden of depression, abuse, grief from a loss, and unforgiveness? Are the pages of your life-book stained with the residue of a painful past? These are just a few signs that your emotional trashcan is full and overflowing causing you to feel like you are spinning out of control.

What is an emotional trash can? Your emotional trash can is an internal space where unresolved issues, fears, failures, and insecurities are tucked away and forgotten. This emotional clutter distraction that keeps you from realistically seeing who you are authentically. Most of people are so full with emotional trash that they cannot see beyond the clutter of their own lives to appreciate the amazing power that lives within.  It’s time to sift through your clutter, empty your emotional trash can and change the way you see yourself!

In this authentic, emotional account of her battle with poor body image, depression, unforgiveness due to a painful past and the emptiness of growing up without her father, Kiffany Dugger shares how she recycled her trash into a powerful testimony. This book is the ultimate guide on healing and forgiveness.  From beginning to end, Dugger plants seeds of change to help you rip off the mask and change the way you see yourself!

The Green Eyed Butterfly


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Twisted Truth (Book 2)

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I wear my own personal reminder that I am a Super Woman and I have the power to change the way I see… instagram.com/p/-O25RcINKc/

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