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Kiffany Dugger




IMG_2468-EditKiffany Dugger:  Author, Life-Changher. Bourgies Chick.  Founder of Change the Way You See Yourself; empowering women to live without labels, limits, and masks.

Hello, and Welcome to my online home. I am so happy you decided to stop by.

I’m sure you’re wondering who I am why should you be interested. Well, If I had to provide a cookie-cutter description of myself, I’d tell you I’m an Author of three awesome page turners, an entrepreneur, and a speaker. Now that we have that out of the way, I’m really just a girl from Detroit by way of Mississippi that loves to write fiction and non-fiction that inspires and entertains.  I love sweet tea, a comfortable pair of jeans, sexy heels, a to-die-for handbag and anything or anyone made in Mississippi!  I believe in living life authentically and being the best possible version of me that I can be.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t always able to say all those wonderful things about myself and truly mean them. The truth is writing saved my life. My passion for writing was born during a barren season of life. While battling a physically and emotionally challenging illness, I had to learn to dig my way out of the pit of depression with a pen, a laptop, and a legal notepad. Writing my first novel, The Green Eyed Butterfly,” began as a cathartic outlet that blossomed into something simply amazing. With three titles in publication, including; “Twisted Truth” and “Change the Way You See Yourself,” I am an imaginative and versatile author who is able to stretch my mind far beyond anything that I could have ever imagined.

Whether a steamy suspenseful mystery filled with jaw-dropping cliffhangers or a spirit filled tale of redemption that warms the heart and feeds the soul, I love to write and I allow my characters to tell me what they want to say. When people ask me to classify my writing according to a particular genre, I simply say, I’m just a storyteller.”

Although, I love writing, I’m not just an author.  My dream of being a successful author would not have come true without believing it was possible, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. It took some time for me to see myself as worthy of accomplishing something extraordinary.  Fortunately, I was able to transform my life by taking the step to let go of fear, insecurity, negative thoughts and strongholds that kept me from living my best life.  That is why I am committed to empowering women to change the way they see themselves by rediscovering the extraordinary power that lives inside.  So exactly, what does that look like.  Well, I invite you to come on in, hang out for a while.  I will share my latest books, news, updates but most of all I hope to empower you to live your best possible life!


The Green Eyed Butterfly

Who is Seth St. James?






Unlocking the mystery…
People have always been intrigued by Seth St. James, especially her piercing green eyes. Behind those eyes lives a past cloaked in mystery. At the age of eight, Seth’s entire family was killed when their family home went up in flames. Seth and the families’ housekeeper, Madelyn were the only survivors. At Madelyn insistence, she and Seth have worked hard to keep their true identity a secret.

Windows to the soul….
Twenty years after that horrible night, Seth is still haunted by the image of her house exploding into a flaming inferno. Just when she begins to accept the fire was indeed an accident, a visit from a familiar stranger jolts her back to the night her family was killed and the memories send her world spiraling out of control. As she struggles to hang on to her sanity, Seth sets out to uncover the truth. It’s not long before she discovers life-changing details about her family’s sordid past and the man who may have murdered them all – a man she was has fallen in love with. Wrestling with dark secrets of her own, Seth must uncover the truth by any means necessary; even murder.

Filled with deception, sensuality, and suspense, The Green Eyed Butterfly will take you on a whirlwind journey and just when you think you know what’s going on…you’ll be forced to think again!

The Green-Eyed Butterfly (Kindle Edition)

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Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only

The Green Eyed Butterfly



Change the Way You See Yourself



Twisted Truth

Uncovering the truth one lie at a time...

bookmark_front300dpi copy

Twisted Truth

twistedtruth copyA Family Affair…
Almost two years after tracking down and murdering the men that destroyed her family, Seth St. James is finally able to pick up the pieces of her broken life. Enjoying motherhood and wedded bliss, Seth’s husband Alex is tragically killed in a car accident. Still mourning the loss of her husband, a knock at the door reveals yet another illegitimate sibling. Haunted by his own past, Seth’s new brother has one request. He needs Seth to help him find out what happened the night his mother was killed by their father over twenty years ago.

Uncovering the Truth One Lie at a Time…
Trying to help her brother discover the truth about his mother, Seth uncovers more skeletons from the past. A three a.m. phone call from a familiar stranger sends Seth out into the dead of night to uncover a body that was buried in her backyard more than two decades prior. Uncovering the body turns Seth’s life upside down as she becomes the prey instead of the hunter. With few options, she must turn to her ex-lover and the possible “real” father of her child to help her take on the notorious gangster who has a price on her head. Forced into hiding Seth struggles with being the ruthless killer that she knows lives inside her or disappearing forever to protect her family. Once again, Seth St. James takes you on a wild ride as she uncovers the twisted truth one lie at a time!

Also available in an eBook

Twisted Truth (The Seth St. James Series) (Kindle Edition)

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The Great Storyteller-Her's Library

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