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Beautiful Lies k_edited_edited.png


Tyger Benedict is a master at prosecuting the vilest criminals – but can she save herself from death row?

During the worst snowstorm of the year, a barefoot and pregnant Tyger Benedict trekked through the snow dragging her husband, District Attorney Spencer Benedict’s lifeless body behind her. Tyger is sure she has gotten away with the perfect crime, but. Spencer’s mistress GiGi Palmer was hiding in the shadows watching as Spencer took his last breath. With the first Spring thaw, Spencer’s body finally surfaces in Silver Creek Lake. As one of Michigan’s most hated men, the question on everyone’s mind is, who killed Spencer? Topping the list of suspects is Tyger’s lover Ace Del Toro.

Ace Del Toro has always been the forbidden fruit Tyger can’t resist. Will Spencer’s death finally unite the perfect couple, or will Ace’s sordid past tear them apart?

Hell-bent on pinning Spencer’s murder on Ace, Aiden Arias, an overzealous detective from Ace’s past, will stop at nothing to destroy him, including seducing Tyger. Is love enough to keep the high school sweethearts together? As she struggles to protect her husband’s killer and cover tracks leading to her, Tyger uncovers the deadly secret that tore a rift between her sisters Piper and Bella. While unmasking her family’s ultimate betrayal, staying a step ahead of an extortionist, and scrambling to hold on to Ace, Tyger’s world begins to crumble around her. Will Tyger escape the repercussion of revenge, or will she become the next unfortunate victim? 


Author, Kiffany Dugger delved deep into wicked lies. “Beautiful Lies” reminds me of the the adage:“Life is like a book— some chapters sad, some happy and some exciting. You will never know what the next chapter holds, until you turn the page.”
And, OMG!! this book is a cringing drama, suspenseful, nail biting, tangled web, interwoven and unwinding tale. I was mesmerized with shock and could not put this read down for fear that I would miss something. lol Kiffany did a great job conveying the emotions of family and friends as they unfolded. Although, the ending was shocking and unexpected “Beautiful Lies” remains one of my best gasping reads. Therefore, I rate it with 5 stars.

Shirley/Beautiful Lies/Amazon Review


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