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Change the Way You See Yourself

Are you running on empty, feeling like you have nothing left? Are the pages of your life-book stained with the residue of a painful past? Do you feel like you're sitting at the bottom of a pit, weighed down by the burden of depression, abuse, grief from the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship or unforgiveness? These are signs that your emotional trashcan is overflowing causing you to feel like you're spinning out of control. 

Our emotional trashcan is an internal space where unresolved issues, fears, failures, and insecurities are tucked away and forgotten. Over time, this collection of clutter becomes a distraction and hinders you from seeing who you are authentically. Changing the way you see yourself is not about altering your physical appearance, it's about healing from the inside out to see yourself as God sees you; fearfully and wonderfully made.

In this authentic account of her battle with poor body image, depression, unforgiveness, and the emptiness of growing up without her biological father, Kiffany Dugger provides the ultimate guide to forgiveness and healing. This book will help you take the first step to: 


  • Design a plan to confront your fear and insecurities
  • Release the extraordinary woman that lives inside
  • Embrace the power of forgiveness
  • See yourself as fearfully and wonderfully made
  • Live your best possible life

Change the Way You See Yourself

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