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Twisted Truth

A Family Affair...

Almost two years after tracking down and murdering the men that destroyed her family, Seth St. James is finally able to pick up the pieces of her broken life. Enjoying motherhood and wedded bliss, Seth’s husband Alex is tragically killed in a car accident. Still mourning the loss of her husband, a knock at the door reveals yet another illegitimate sibling. Haunted by his own past, Seth's new brother has one request. He needs Seth to help him find out what happened the night his mother was killed by their father over twenty years ago. 

Uncovering the Truth One Lie at a Time…

Trying to help her brother discover the truth about his mother, Seth uncovers more skeletons from the past. A three a.m. phone call from a familiar stranger sends Seth out into the dead of night to uncover a body that was buried in her backyard more than two decades prior. Uncovering the body turns Seth’s life upside down as she becomes the prey instead of the hunter. With few options, she must turn to her ex-lover and the possible “real” father of her child to help her take on the notorious gangster who has a price on her head. Forced into hiding Seth struggles with being the ruthless killer that she knows lives inside her or disappearing forever to protect her family. Once again, Seth St. James takes you on a wild ride as she uncovers the twisted truth one lie at a time!

Twisted Truth

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